The best Tribal Wars Bot on the market!

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot can work all the time - 24/7 thanks to CAPTCHA recognition system (it solves new hCaptcha). Bot has also features like farming villages, construct buildings, recruit army, minting a gold coins, balancing resources between villages, detection of incoming attacks, interactive map and much more. UTWB is still under development and will do whatever you want it to do - make an proposal and see it done. Features are being added all the time so you can check home page for the latest release informations.

Let's make a quick review

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Building configuration overview Building system enables you to set static and dynamic queue. Once you set building target level, let's say - wall 20 level, and this building will be destroyed by incoming attacks, it will be immediately queued to build. The same apply for rally point and other buildings.

There are also options like "if storage is full, build storage first", "construct building requirements first", "build farm if free space is lower than 5-30%".

You can set number of maximum queued building positions in headquarters. If you have premium account it will be helpful, because premium account allows you to queue more building positions in headquarters at once.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Interactive map overview Interactive map helps you to control farmed villages, creating attacks or selecting all villages of player/s. Management of tribes relations is also available. Village menu under right mouse click behaves the same like menu on the normal tribal wars map.

You can look into village details by double click on village. Village details includes history of village points, history of owner(player) and your notes. If you have something important you can make a memo for each village, which help you in the future during your conquers.

In the future, more functions like "detection of village owner change(village was nobled) in 30 range from my villages" will be added. In this case you will be able to very fast village re-noble.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Time synchronization overview Time synchronization with high precision (+/- 10ms). Check image proof on the right and test this capabilities by yourself. Before you start you need to properly configure time synchronization settings - tutorial.

You can with easy send army tasks to backtime other players. I like to snipe every incoming attack - thanks to attacks detection system i know which incoming attacks has a nobleman. Players couldn't believe their eyes, when i snipe noble attacks between 100ms each.

Synchronization of multiple attacks is very powerful. You can synchronize many attacks from many of your villages to other village or villages. Basically you can synchronize and send: one to one(1:1), one to many(1:*), many to one(*:1) and many to many(*:*) attacks.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Noble train screenshot proof Unstoppable noble train. Creating operations, where first nuke land at 100ms, second nuke at 120ms, third nuke at 140ms, fourth nuke at 160ms, first noble at 200ms, second noble at 220ms, third noble at 240ms and fourth noble at 260ms, is very easy. 20ms timespan can be lowered to 0ms for nukes and nobles, but timespan between last nuke and first noble should be at least 10ms - for safety purposes. Take a quick look at my screenshot on the right with accurately executed attacks as planned.

Just imagine 6 full trains(4 nobleman attacks for each) with 20 full nukes and subsequent 20 supports. All are synchronized to land between 100ms and 300ms. All hit many oponent villages and are sent from many of your villages. That kind of waves are beautiful.

I created noble train example video on YouTube. This is the proof of perfectly synchronized 3 nukes and 4 nobles from 4 different villages. First attack land at 91ms and the last one at 130ms. There is this video. You can watch it to see how it is done.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Recruit army system overview Recruit army system will save you a lot of time. You don't need to worry that barracks or stable are on idle. Once you set target count of specified unit, bot will recruit until that amount is reached.

This feature is very helpful when you send troops as support and some of them die. In this case UTWB immediately start troops recruitment in villages where it is needed. You can configure ratio for specified units in order to create optimal recruitment troops package. Along with ratio, you should also remember about maximal queue time, which is configurable too.

You can also recruit noblemen. I didn't forget about gold coins minting and resources storing. For that you should only specify amount of resources above which gold coins will be minted or resources will be stored.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Sending army tasks overview Sending army is practically essence of Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot. On this registry you can create and manage previously created Send Army Tasks.

There is a lot of informations at a glance. You see if options like "Send accurately in time", "Troops must be at home between specified time" are enabled. You know if Send army task has specified Random interval or contains one or more target villages.

Attack or Support, Troops count, description, send time, land time, return time, travel time, target village name, target village owner name and much more informations are available to you.

In short cut, it would be enough. There is a lot more functions, which you would want to use - all are listed below on the right. Notice that you can use UTWB for FREE! Read this tutorial to see how it is possible with referential system.