Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot


Makes you PRO in Tribal Wars!

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot is an application which help you play in Tribal Wars while you are sleeping. If you have busy social life, let UTWB help you to run and maintain your villages. Bot can farm, build, recruit 24/7 ... and do whatever you need - make an proposal and see it done. Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot is still under development and features are being added all the time so check the forum and about page for the latest release information.

Best Tribal Wars Bot on the market!

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Interactive Tribal Wars Map Interactive map (image on the right) helps you to control farmed villages. You can write your notes on each village. There is history of village points and owner(player).

More functions like:
"detect village owner change(village was nobled) in 30 radius from my villages" will be added soon. In this case you will be able to fast village re-noble.

I am open to your suggestions! Post them in forum.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Time synchronization proof Time synchronization with high precision (like about 10ms). Check proof(image on the right). PLEASE watch this (TIME SYNCHRONIZATION TUTORIAL) before you start.

You can with easy send army to backtime other players.

Synchronization of multiple attacks is powerful, so you are able to:
send synchronized attacks from one your village to other village/s
send synchronized attacks from many yours villages to other village/s

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Sending Noble Trains

Sending noble trains, noble snipe - easy mode with Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Sending Army Tasks

Noble train example on YouTube. This is the proof of 3 Nukes and 4 Nobles from 4 different villages perfectly synchronized. First attack land at 91ms and the last one at 130ms.

There is a lot of functions like farming, building, auto CAPTCHA entry, etc... All are listed below on the right.

Fast start...

1. Download bot from Download section.
2. Start reading tutorials from (THIS ONE) which lead you to the next ones.
3. Use "Add all cities" function in "VILLAGES" tab - in order to add villages to bot. Do it before you click "START" button !!!
4. Once you read them all and learn how to properly use Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot, you'll be able to pwning noobs in TribalWars :)

You can use UTWB for FREE!

Read this (TUTORIAL) to see how it is possible with new referential system.


  • 2014.07.21 -
    Update to version 1.076.

    • Fixed ui errors caused by groups change and data migration
  • 2014.07.19 -
    Update to version 1.075.

    • Added mint coins/store resources if "any/all" are over "N", in recruit army (beside recruit nobleman). (VIDEO TUTORIAL).
    • Added possibility to assign many groups for city. (please watch tutorial above)
    • Fixed game reports "Refresh" error
    • Fixed some ui errors
    • Fixed "main page" selection settings
  • 2014.06.22 -
    Update to version 1.074.
    NOTE: When you run UTWB first time, you will have to choose main page again, but only first time.

    • Added new Reports reading function. Please watch this (VIDEO TUTORIAL).
    • Added sorting, on column header click for Task Targets in Send Army Task Form.
    • Fixed player name update during map data download.
    • Small fix for time synchronization and units speed.
  • 2014.06.10 -
    Update to version 1.073.

    • Fixed time synchronization problems due to Cave villages(bug1: cannot send army, bug2: different travel times)
    • Lowered minimal time span between attacks from 5 to 1. Was 1-5, now it is 1-2. It gives you possibility to send ~3600 farm attacks/h (excluding "send accurately in time" SAIT attacks)
    • You can add cities in other Overviews for premium account. Combined, Production, Troops, Buildings, Technology, Groups View - all are working fine now.
    • Added option to disable logs(Settings->General). It will improve performance for users with many villages.
  • 2014.05.27 -
    Update to version 1.072.

    • Fixed few small bugs
  • 2014.05.08 -
    Update to version 1.071.

    • Fixed crashing problem reported by users
  • 2014.05.04 -
    Update to version 1.070. Please watch (VIDEO) about Resource balancer.

    • Fixed bot hang issue, after double click on city in "Recruit army" tab
  • 2014.05.03 -
    Update to version 1.069.

    • Added sorting and select all(ctrl+a) in "Worker" and "Groups" tab
    • Added "userdata_backup" creation function. Backup is created every 30minutes.
    • Another bug fix for fix of recruitment army :)
    • Interval for function "check new version" has been lowered
  • 2014.05.03 -
    Update to version 1.068.

    • Added resources balancing system - "Resource balancer" (VIDEO)
    • Small bug fix in recruit army - exceeded resources condition
  • 2014.04.26 -
    Update to version 1.067.

    • Fixed 2 critical problems
    • Fixed 50% CPU usage after some time
    • Adjusted UTWB for future new version 8.22 of tribalwars
  • 2014.04.19 -
    Update to version 1.066.

    • Fixed time sync and sending army for premium accounts
    • Fixed DPI problem(right tabs were not fit on screen)
    • Internal performance improvements
  • 2014.04.16 -
    Update to version 1.065.

    • Fixed login to the game problems
    • Changed time sync back to send attack instead of support. There are worlds where barb support has some restrictions. In future i will add option to choose between attack/help
    • Added Population column to "Building" view
  • 2014.04.14 -
    Update to version 1.064. PLEASE READ !!! If you don't see tabs on the right(tasks queue, settings, logs) - change your "screen DPI" to 100%/96DPI(if you don't know how to do that - google for it).
    I will add 1 free day to all active bot accounts - i'll do that tommorow evening

    • Fixed crash problem caused by errors during sending army. Those errors were caused because of game update.
    • Changed time synchronization to send support with 1 unit, at first bot checks for 1 spy/scout, then infantry, after that cavalry
    • Added check for screen DPI. If DPI is different than 96(100%) - warning message with info will appear.
  • 2014.04.14 -
    IMPORTANT INFO !!! Due to game update some functions in bot must be adjusted. Bot crashes right now. All previous versions of bot will not work too. Fix will be released within next ~ 6-8h. posted at 18:00

  • 2014.04.13 -
    Update to version 1.063.

    • Changed layout. Using dockpanel now. (VIDEO)
    • "Bot server" tab has been moved, and now is under "Settings" tab
    • Fixed "Set next task target". If there is not enough troops on place, bot will NOT set next task target. Next target will be set, if bot will send troops or at least will try to send troops. During send army, ingame errors can happen like "target is under beginner protection", "points ratio 20:1", etc - for those errors bot will set next task target. So if this is fixed you are able to farm barbs in this way: (VIDEO)
  • 2014.04.08 -
    Update to version 1.062.

    • Fixed updating "Snob total count" for worlds with package system
    • Added "Set Active No after scheduled time" and "Troops must be at home between" options on Sending army task. Read (INFO) about it.
    • Added village www navigation menu in interactive map(right click on village) and in "Building", "Recruit army", "Overview army" tab (this option works after you click "Start" in bot)
    • Added "Remove from all attacks" option in interactive map and in selected villages list as well
    • Added double click on village in "Overview army" tab, double click opens Recruit army form
  • 2014.03.19 -
    Update to version 1.061.

    • Fixed "Can not confirm send army. Error message: ?" issue
    • Added "Army overview" tab with army statistics
    • Removed "Get resources stats" in "Villages->Worker" tab, this option was obsolete, resources are updated during building and army recruitment
  • 2014.03.02 -
    Update to version 1.060.

    • Fixed crashing problem
    • Fixed minor bug in building system
    • Added 5min interval option for time synchronization
    • Added "Set the same -> Description" in "SendArmy" view in right mouse button menu
    • Added "Task targets -> Active: Yes" in "SendArmy" view in right mouse button menu
    • Added "AIC(Automatic interval calculation)" and "Set interval" in "Map->General->Army Sending" to help creating attacks
    • Added "Show church belief radius" and "First church X|Y" in "Settings->General->Map"
    • Added "Max building queue" in "Building" view to set max number of building queue in headquarters
  • 2014.02.22 -
    Update to version 1.059.

    • Fixed relogging problem in some cases
  • 2014.02.21 -
    Update to version 1.058.

    • Fixed attacks detection
    • Fixed no internet connection problem
    • Fixed HID problem (please use "Set HID" button)
  • 2014.02.09 -
    Update to version 1.057.

    • Added beta.tribalwars.net site - i tested only building, and it works, so probably rest functions should work too(anyway i will not support beta serwers though - use it if you want, but on your own risk)
    • Added option for selecting villages by range and min/max points in "Map" view
    • Fixed problem with green icons(attacked from selected/other) on selected my village changed event in "Map" view
  • 2014.01.26 -
    Update to version 1.056.

    • Fixed reading building levels and opening "City building form"
    • Added "Active" in "Send Army Form"
    • Added "Active", "SAIT(Send accurately in time)", "Random interval", "Count" in "Map->General->Army Sending". Those properties help during creating attacks.
    • Added "Set the same -> Origin village" and "Clone"(Send army task/s) options in "Send Army View" under right button mouse menu
    • Added internal check for no internet connection(caused bot crash issues and in some cases memory leaks)
    • Added "Automatically set units speed" in "Settings->General"
    • Added check if units speed are correctly set on bot "Start"
    • Improved Interactive map performance - faster rendering
    • Added more "Zoom" options in Interactive map
    • Added terrain data(forests, mountains, lakes) in Interactive map
    • Added checkbox "Hide terrain data" and option "Graphic layout" in "Settings->General->Map"
  • 2014.01.18 -
    Update to version 1.055. Please read Building system (TUTORIAL) because additional requirements has been added (game overview settings). Please watch (TUTORIAL) about sending fakes.

    • Added additional Synchronizer which helps bot to work properly
    • Added Church building in "Building View"
    • Fixed reading buildings level when some of them are destroyed
    • Added Snob recruitment in "Recruit Army View"
    • Fixed troops count for Knight and Snob on "Send Army View"
    • Added color mark in "Recruit view" for units, where is something to produce but Percentage is set to 0 (you set Percentage to 0 because you want to stop production of some units, but you don't want to change TargetCount)
    • Added in "Map->General" option to select by player name, all his villages. You can type more players name by separating them with ';'. You can also hold "Ctrl" button on keyboard to select more villages or unselect them(standard windows behaviour)
    • Added in "SendArmyForm" on right mouse click in "Task Targets" menu options: "Set the same Interval" and "Set Automatic interval calculation Yes/No"
    • Added GroupName in "Map" in VillageToolTip
  • 2013.12.31 -
    Update to version 1.054

    • Fixed miliseconds on send army tasks with Random interval - now miliseconds will be randomized too
    • Fixed "Set miliseconds" option under right mouse click in "Attack coordinator view"
    • Fixed time synchronization - if bot can not send attacks(liek during holidays break) synchronization will be stopped
  • 2013.12.24 -
    Update to version 1.053

    • Fixed some general crash problems
    • Fixed some "hanging" cases in Recruit Army algorithm
    • Fixed problem on Start bot with "white web browser tribal wars page"
    • In "Attack coordinator view" tasks are ordered by "Send time"
    • Added column "Name" to "Attack coordinator" view
    • Added incoming attacks list in "Attacks detection" view - it is in alpha stage, not completed - please use "Refresh" button
    • Added columns "Name", "Points" to "Send army view" and to "Send army form -> Task targets list"
    • Added column "Points" in "Building" view
    • Changed the way of adding villages to bot. If you change name of village in game, and then you use "Villages->Building->Add all cities", names of villages in bot will change too.
  • 2013.12.08 -
    Update to version 1.052

    • Changed "Send army form" from modal to modeless (now, you don't need to close the form to continue using the bot - you can go to other tabs, check troops, etc)
    • Fixed "Bot stopped" issue
    • Fixed and rearranged "units count currently in village" in "Send army view"
    • Added column "Population" in "Recruit army view"
    • Added columns header description and image in "Send army view"
    • Added columns "Land time", "Return time" in "Attack coordinator view"
  • 2013.12.01 -
    Update to version 1.051

    • Fixed interval calculation after "Set the same Units" on Send army tasks
    • Improved sorting speed for Send Army Tasks
    • Added columns sorting in Army->Attack Coordinator list view
    • Added new columns and sorting in Send Army list view: Land time, Return time, Travel time
  • 2013.11.24 -
    Update to version 1.050

    • Fixed crash problem for specifics values on Recruit army form(like minimal package = 0)
    • Fixed sending army with paladin unit = 1
    • Added info about resources and population on building and recruit form
    • Added in sending army right mouse menu(set the same: count, interval, units - you need to put that values into textboxes above sending army tasks list)
  • 2013.11.15 -
    Update to version 1.049. Please read this (TUTORIAL) about new recruitment system.

    • Fixed bot freeze on double click in Recruit army tab
    • Added "*" - star button in Send army form(it puts * in units, star means send all units, which are currently in city)
    • Added Land time, Return time, Travel time in Send army form (for better attacks coordination - you can change send, land and return time - all values will be re-calculated)
  • 2013.11.13 -
    Update to version 1.048.

    • Added "Current headquarters queue" in city building form
    • Added "Change city name" in "Villages->Groups" tab in right mouse click menu
    • Fixed computed values on attack detection "bot report"
    • Fixed loading building levels due to game update to version 8.17
  • 2013.11.11 -
    Update to version 1.047. Tutorial about new recruit system will be added tomorrow. Just go to "Army->Recruit Army" tab and try...

    • Added new troops recruit system(recruit to specific troops number)
    • Added levels difference color for buildings in Building tab
    • Added logs for building process(mainly building algorithm)
    • Fixed "logging to the game" crash problem
    • Fixed attacks detection for premium accounts(now "bot report" with attack details will be correctly generated)
  • 2013.10.29 -
    Update to version 1.046.

    • Fixed crash on time synchronization for some tribal wars servers
  • 2013.10.27 -
    Update to version 1.045. Please read this (TUTORIAL)

    • Fixed user interface freezing problem caused by creating bot logs
    • Fixed loading user scripts on additional webbrowser tabs
    • Fixed saving settings for options: "Automatic interval calculation" and "Active" on TaskTarget, "Catapult target" on Sending Army Task
    • Improved information data on Attack detection report (Total travel time, return time to origin village - easy way to backtime :) )
    • Added new building system with new options, building copying options. (TUTORIAL)
    • Added GMTTime Minutes in "Settings->General->Time synchronization" to adjust proper zone like 5h30mins
    • Added check for CAPTCHA engine initialization on UTWB.exe run
    • Added check for required .NET versions on UTWB.exe run
    • Added check for the right OS version on UTWB.exe run
    • Added check for the right Internet Explorer version on UTWB.exe run
    • Added check on bot "Start" for "Game login", "Game password" and "Login when session expires" settings
  • 2013.10.07 -
    Update to version 1.044.

    • Fixed problems caused by "TOTALS" row in "Army tab"
    • Changed village tooltip on interactive map
    • Added Task Target Form(opens on double click on Task Target in Send Army Task Form, please check out new menu options by right click on Task Targets Grid)
    • Added "Automatic interval calculation" option for Task Target - you can disable it and set your own, custom Inteval.
  • 2013.09.27 -
    Update to version 1.043. Please read this new (TUTORIAL)

    • Added mailing system (TUTORIAL)
    • Added group filters to all cities lists
    • Solved crashing problem
    • Some performance improvements(noble trains, snipes, etc)
  • 2013.09.12 -
    Update to version 1.042.

    • Changed time synchronization interval from hours to minutes
    • Fixed attack detection reports spaming
    • Fixed time synchronization critical error
    • Added random times to some actions
    • Moved building and city work timers to Task Queue
    • Some layout changes
  • 2013.09.02 -
    Update to version 1.041.

    • Added Barbarian to Player option (TUTORIAL)
    • Added filter for Description in Send Army view
    • Added check for added cities on button Start click
    • Changed tribe relations, moved from mapdata to usermapdata. You need to add tribe relations again - sorry for that.
    • Fixed sorting in SendArmy list view
  • 2013.08.26 -
    Update to version 1.040. A lot of changes and improvements.

    • Added Interactive MAP! - easy way of adding sending army, more functions will comes... TIP: add all your villages at first(Villages tab)
    • Added Bot reporting system - for your information what happened during the night
    • Added Attack detection system - you know when noble or other unit is incoming, attack avoidance system will be added soon.
    • Added Time synchronization system - send attacks with 10 ms precision! - use it carefully - it's powerful
    • Added Referential system - now you can bot for FREE!
    • fixed problems with banned users - no more bans!
  • 2013.07.05 -
    Update to version 1.039

    • changed way of saving user data - preparation for interactive map
  • 2013.06.29 -
    Update to version 1.038

    • fixed captcha recognition(added letters, previously was only digits)
    • added navigation buttons and url link to www tabs opened in new window
  • 2013.06.24 -
    Update to version 1.037

    • removed ads from tribal wars sites (WWW tabs)
    • highly improved captcha recognition(79 on 100 were correctly recignized)
    • many internal changes

    BTW - Stay tuned for the next 2 releases coming. First one will only adjust settings.dat, while second one will introduce interactive MAP!

  • 2013.04.24 -
    Update to version 1.036

    • added "Disable internal logs" option to improve performance
    • fixed high cpu usage by log files
    • bot runs without any problems on Win XP
  • 2013.03.19 -
    Update to version 1.035

    • added Reserve resources in Academy
    • improved closing web browser tabs
  • 2013.02.23 -
    Update to version 1.034

    • fixed error when starting application on win XP
  • 2013.02.20 -
    Update to version 1.033

    • fixed problem with 0days(if Start button will be inactive, go to "Bot Server" tab and use "Set HID" button, then Login again)
    • some internal changes
  • 2013.02.18 -
    Update to version 1.032

    • added possibility to load custom user scripts (TUTORIAL)
    • changed bot server tab to be more user friendly
  • 2013.02.13 -
    Update to version 1.031

    • fixed CAPTCHA recognition due to game changes
  • 2013.02.12 -
    Update to version 1.030

    • update to the newest version of tribalwars
    • fixed sending army, recuitment, sending resources
  • 2013.01.27 -
    Update to version 1.029

    • added minimal time between attacks (TUTORIAL)
    • added "Get free KeyCard" option (TUTORIAL)
    • internal changes

Current Features

  • Reports reading function! (TUTORIAL) Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot New

  • Resources balancing system! (TUTORIAL) Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot New

  • Interactive MAP! (TUTORIAL)

  • Time synchronization system (TUTORIAL)

  • Bot reporting system (TUTORIAL)

  • Attack detection system (TUTORIAL)

  • Referential system - bot for FREE! (TUTORIAL)

  • Barbarian to Player option (TUTORIAL)

  • Mailing notification system (TUTORIAL)

  • Loading custom user scripts to bot (TUTORIAL)

  • Human like pauses between attacks

  • Supports all official tribal wars sites including tribalwarsmasters.net

  • Sending army as attack / help with milisecond precision

  • Sending many attack in one "out" second

  • Attack coordinator

  • Sending many attack, from many yours villages to many others villages in one "in" second (attacks synchronization)

  • Attack customisation - send all (type star * ) or type specified number of different units

  • Building / Destroying dynamic / static queue system

  • Automatic CAPTCHA entry (you can bot 24/7 without any worry)

  • Sending army as farm attack (attack has many target villages)

  • Sending resources between cities

  • Recruit army units

  • Villages division into separate groups

  • Minting coins in Academy

  • Gathering stats of building levels, army, resources

  • Automatic login, and re-login on disconnect

  • Event logging into LOG

  • Built in webbrowser

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