Barbarian to Player option in Send Army Task

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Barbarian to Player option 1. This option was created because of situations which happened to me during the time of farming barbarian villages.

How does it work?

When Send army attack has this option selected - "If village will change from Barbarian to Player set Active to No", and when bot try to send attack, it checks if the village is still barbarian or player.

When barbarian village becomes player village, bot set Task Target Active property to No. Why? You farm barb village with 30 light cavalry. You don't want to lose 30 light cavalry, if you know that this village has been taken by other player - in most cases other player send defensive troops to that village.

Sometimes when i didn't check reports by 1 day, and during that time, attack to this village was send 2 times, i lost 2x 30light cavalry. Owner of that village send me email to stop farming it :) then i had to apologize him because of auto-farming :)

When Active of Task Target is set to "No"?

1 case:
barbarian village simply becomes player village

2 case:
you attack player village and this player stops to play in tribal wars, then this village becomes barbarian village, then other player noble that village

Barbarian Village -> Player Village

When Active will be set to "No" in "Reports" Tab you will have new report that will tell you, in which attack and which task target changes was made.

This function will work only for those attacks, which have selected "If village will change from Barbarian to Player set Active to No" checkbox. In "Send Army" Tab on the list of tasks you will see that attacks marked with "Purple" Colour.