Mailing system

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - mailing options To get emails notifications you need to specify 2 things.

1. Destination email - it's email where you will be receiving notification emails.

2. Source email and it's info. From this email bot will be sending emails to yours destination email.

How does it works?

Bot connects to source email account using source email configuration(email itself, email password, email smtp server, email smtp port). Once connected, bot send email message from source email to destination email. Finally bot disconnects from source email server.

How to configure source email?

The easiest way is to create account on gmail. Then you have to put information about source email into configuration fields.

Your source email: the email you have just created on gmail.
Your source email password: password of the created email
Your source email host:
Your source email host port: 587

These host and port settings are for gmail.

Once you finish configuration, you can send test email by click "Send test email" button.

NOTE: You can use any email accounts created on other servers, but remember to get proper configuration of these servers(host and port).