Time between attacks

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - Time between attacks This system was introduced to prevent bans. One of the player said that game masters had told him that it is impossible to send 20 attacks in 60 seconds - time after time.

I made this function basically for farming attacks.

How does it work?

Let's say that you configured "Minimal time span between sending attacks from 10 to 15 seconds".

When attack is send, the other attack can be send after 10-15 seconds. You have 3 attacks which has set send time to 18:20:45. 1st will be send 18:20:45. 2nd will be send in the next 10-15 seconds, and 3rd the same(10-15 seconds after 2nd attack was sent).

This applies only to attacks that has NOT checked "Send accurately in time".

When attack has checked "Send accurately in time" option, it will be send regardless of time span between attacks.

Let's say you have 3 attacks with "Send accurately in time" option checked. Those attacks send time is set to 18:20:45.100. Those 3 attacks will be send exactly in 18:20:45.100ms .200ms .300ms(100ms difference depend of tribal wars server settings - some of them has this option set("miliseconds" option i believe))

So for farming attacks left unchecked "Send accurately in time" option.

For noble and other synchronized/coordinated attacks check "Send accurately in time" option.

Note: Attacks with checked "Send accurately in time" option are marked with red colour.