Referential system - how to use Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot for FREE?

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - register account with referent user 1. You need to find players which will want to use bot.
When player register bot account and in field "Referenced by" will be your bot login, each time that player activates key card you will get free days.
So recommended player even don't need to buy UTWB key cards - it just simply have to activates Free Key Card and you will get 5 free days for each activation.

2. How does referential system work?

User[1] register account and put in "Referenced by" field login of user[2] (login of bot account, not game account).

Each time when user[1] activates key card (30/180 days) then to account of user[2] are added free days counted by this formula:

paidDays - amount of days on key card (30/180...) which user[1] activates

freeDays[2] - amount of days which will be added to user[2] account

freeDays[2] = (paidDays * 5 / 30)

If user[2] was referenced by user[3] then user[3] gets free days counted by this formula:

freeDays[3] = (freeDays[2] * 1 / 5)

user[1] activates 30days key card
user[2] gets 5 free days
user[3] gets 1 free day

It's 2 level pyramid. When user activates 30days key card, referent on first level get 5 days for each 30 days activated, and referent on second level get 1 day for each 30days activated.

3. Well, to bot for free, you need to reference 6 users of first level.

You can share info about bot with your tribe mates. Tell them to use bot with free key card - even in this case you will get free days.

Other option is to create topics on your national(local) botting forums, describe bot in your national language - it will encourage people to use it.

REMEMBER! Tell people to put your bot login to field "Referenced by" when they will be registering accounts.

4. Free days are added each time when key card is activated (even free key card). There is no limit for getting free days!