Interactive MAP - basic informations

Watch this tutorial which shows how to use Interactive map.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - interactive map functions 1. When you click "Start" button in bot, process of Map Data loading is started. Once map data loading is ended(you can see "Log" tab or "Task Queue" tab for that info) go to "Map" tab and start using it.
To see Map ensure that you have added villages to bot. If there is no villages on the map, select your village and then click "Clear Cache" button.

2. What you can do with map:

- when mouse is over a village info is showing(basic info, attacks, UserNotes)

- double click on village (village form pop up - you can write "User Notes", see village points and owner history)

- you can select villages by click "left mouse button down", move mouse, "left mouse button up" - it works with pushed Control(Ctrl) button from keyboard - standard windows behaviour

- you can select villages just by click on village with pushed Control(ctrl) button

- when you select villages you can add new Send Army Task

- when you select one task in Send Army Tab and you go to map and select some villages, you can click "Add Villages" - it just add selected villages to currently existing task
I add task[1] with 3 villages targets. Then i go to Send Army Tab and i am selecting this task[1]. Then in map view i am selecting 2 villages and clicking "Add Villages". Now this task[1] has 5 villages targets. If you click "Add send army task", new task[2] will be added with 2 villages targets.

- you can center map by writing X|Y format then click OK, or just by selecting your village from the list

- by click right mouse down and move you can move map

- you can scale villages from 100 to 50% by using values from the list

- in Map->Tribes tab you have to add your tribe and other tribe relations(war/nap/ally) - this info(tribe relations) is not public like villages, players and tribes of the world.
Simply type tribe name, it can be some part of it e.g. Tribe "Western Empire" you can search by typing "Wes" and click "Search" button. Then select tribe as well as tribe relation from the list. Then click "Add" button. REMEMBER to click "Save" after you add Tribe relations

3. More functions will come in the future...