Building system

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Cities building overview In this tutorial i will describe how building system works.

Go to GAME SETTINGS and make sure that settings are set as in the image on the right.

Option "Show all buildings even if they cannot be built yet" must be CHECKED.

Option "Hide buildings that cannot be constructed further" must be UNCHECKED.

Now if you wish to have graphical village overview those two options must be CHECKED:
"Show village overview in a graphical format"
"Show level and additional information for buildings (graphical overview)"

If you don't use graphical village overview, above two options don't need to be checked. Bot can read building levels from non graphical overview as well.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Cities building overview Now you can enable building function and set interval for it (1).

Now if you have not added cities yet - go to "WWW" tab, and then to Overviews in game. Then go to "Villages->Building" tab and click "Add all cities". Cities should be added.

Select villages group (2). If you don't have groups simply select group "All cities". Cities from that group should appear on the list.

To update buildings informations, click "Update cities statistics" button. (this button will be enabled after you click "Start" button in the bot). Cities statistics are also updated every time when building task occurs(in this case Interval is set to 20 minutes - so update and building funtion will run every 20 minutes).

Wait until Cities statistics will be loaded. Button "Update cities statistics" will become enabled again. You can also check "Logs" tab for that information ("2013.10.27 20:15:24.212 → Cities statistics end"). Buildings levels will refresh automatically(you will see that on list).

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Building and Destroying queue Now you can double click on city row. City building form will appear.

There you have some options, dynamic and static queue.

Static building queue.

To add buildings to static queue, select Building item on list, then click button "Build" or "Destroy". Then you can select that building on Queue and use buttons "UP arrow", "DOWN arrow" to move it, or "X" to delete it.

Dynamic building queue

To manage dynamic building queue, simply set "Target level" of specified building. You will see how dynamic queue looks after you change "Target level" on the "Predicted dynamic queue" list.

If you set smaller "Target level", because you want to destroy building, you need to select "Allow destroying" option as well. If you won't select it, that destroying order will not appear on dynamic queue nor will be executed.

You can manage dynamic queue by changing "Priority" of buildings. Higher number of "Priority" means that this building will be build at the end. Just try to set that options and see what will be produced in "Predicted dynamic queue" list.

Building place on "Predicted dynamic queue" list is counted with this formula:

counted value = Target level - Current level - Priority + 100

After that on that list items are shown from the highes "counted value" to the lowest "conuted value".

HOW building options works?

At first bot will build "Static building queue". If "Static building queue" will be empty, then bot begins to build building with this order:

1. If option "Build farm if space left is lower than 5-30 % (selectable) of full space" is checked, bot will see if that condition is true, and will try to build farm. If farm is already in headquarters queue or farm level is maximal, it will skip build farm.

2. Bot will try to build specific building from "Dynamic queue".

2.1. If option "If building requires more population than you have, build farm first" is checked, bot will check population and if farm is not already in headquarters queue and farm level is not maximal, it will build Farm.

2.2. If option "If building requires more resources than storage capacity, build storage first" is checked, bot will check if storage capacity is enough. If it is not, then bot will build storage - storage will be build only if is not already in headquarters queue, and storage level is not maximal.

2.3. If points: 2.1. and 2.2. are not true(bot don't need to build farm or storage), then bot will build specific building from "Dynamic queue".

3. If option "If storage is full, build storage first" is checked, bot will check that statement, and if it is true and storage level is not maximal, then it will build storage.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Cities building overview How to copy buildings settings to other cities?

Select "Template city" from which you want to copy settings to other cities.

Then select cities which you want to copy to that settings.

Once those cities are selected, click right mouse button, and click "Copy configuration from Template city".

Form will appears. On that form select options which you want to copy and click "OK".

By clicking right mouse button, you can set "Active" true or false for specific city.

You can "Remove" city(by removing city you will delete all Send Army tasks which are connected with that city as well).

Additional informations:

1. If building in city will disabled(Active = false), bot will not enter the city during global building task.

2. If bot will not enter the city(Active = false), it will not update the levels of buildings. To have updated building levels, just use button "Update cities statistics"

3. Bot will keep maximum 2 buildings in Headquarters queue at once. If you have premium you are safe, you will not pay more resources for building.