Statistics and other city actions

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot Statistics and other city actions 1. In "Building", then "Main" tab, set interval for City Work, and select "Enable City Work" (1). Interval works the same as interval for building. You can click "Do it NOW" button, which instantly triggers city worker which do all the tasks listed below.

2. By selecting options in rectangle number (2) you just enable garthering stats of buildings (6), resources (7), and Army stats which are listed on "Sending Army" tab and other tabs.

3. You can command worker to coint coins. "Coins to Coint" (3) tells you how much coins in total you want to coint in that city, while "Coint one time" (4) tells the worker how much coins it should try to coint during the job. eg. every 30min worker will try to coint 2 coins(ofc if there will be resources), once they will be coint, value from (3) will be decreased by number of coins which was coint.

4. Bot behaves the same for "Reserve resources" as for the "Coint coints".

5. You can set those two values (3)(4) the same for all cities by clicking "Set For All Cities" button (5). It is very helpful when you have a lot of villages.