Time synchronization system - precision you've never seen before

Please watch the below tutorial where I explained all options available in Time Synchronization and how to configure them.

If you still have some problems please read the below information and watch the old tutorial for more clues.

At first you need to set proper "Time per field" units speed. In the below video tutorial you will see how to do it manually. However you can do it automatically, which is more preffered option. Please use button "Automatically set units speed" in "Settings tab -> General tab". This button loads settings from your serwer. eg.

If unit speed in bot are different than values in game (you can compare them on rally point) please watch the below tutorial where I explained why there can be a difference. I also showed how to be sure that this settings are properly set.

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot - precise synchronization system Time synchronization process starts when you click "Start" button, and once downloading map data task will complete it's work.

Once time will be synchronized, you will see that info in upper right corner.

Before you click "Start", go to "Settings->General" tab.

Set GMT time - adjust hours to your sever.


I am from Poland and in my place is 9:00. I am playing on tribalwars.net and there is 8:00 hour. So i set GMT time to -1.

Simply just adjust time to be correct "hourly" - hours have to be matched.

Then set maximal acceptable difference - 100ms or 200ms is good choise. Anyway bot will adjust time to ~ 1-15ms difference :)


I recommend to set Time Synchronization Interval to 15 minutes. Why? I saw that almost per each 15mins bot need to synchronize like 10-15ms difference. Probably tribal wars servers are working a little bit to fast or maybe it is my computer faul :)

Set this interval to 15 minutes and everything will be great.